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The Latte Factor and 9 Other Signs the Economy is on Upswing


Baristas and marketers alike, rejoice!

As people start feeling better about the economy, they start purchasing lattes again. Even as I have been known to shun a $4 mocha for a dollar coffee at Mickey D’s, I find this to be encouraging as a Marketeer.

This means that people will buy. This means that businesses will flourish. This means that jobs will be created.

All can be good again… at a cautionary pace.

Even in the best of times, businesses need good marketing strategy to engage loyal customers.

Got Latte?

Got Good Marketing?

Let’s put 2011 into high gear.

Click here to read the article posted on Yahoo! Finance>>

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The 12 Days of Brainworms™

We are now in the midst of the Christmas season and many people are busy with shopping, family obligations, Christmas-related events, company parties, and many more activities that are too numerous to list. With the busyness that comes with Holiday preparations, everyone seems to always find a little time for a little Christmas tradition.  Whether it’s watching a favorite Christmas movie like It’s a Wonderful Life, or a song by Bing Crosby, these are the traditions that help define us and meet our expectations for a splendid holiday!

Over the next 12 days, I will be featuring different lists in the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas. Who knows, I may even solicit your help via Twitter to get your suggestions. Who knows, your suggestions may even make these Top 12 lists. Nevertheless, it will be a fun little distraction to reminisce away on the things that help make our season bright.

For starters, I have compiled a list of the 12 Days of Brainworms™. So what is a Brainworm™? A Brainworm™ is a virtual parasite that viral in nature. It starts off small like a tune you can’t get out of your head and has the potential to be an international sensation.

Here are the 12 Days of Brainworms™, as determined by the Brainworm Institute™:

  1. Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Dance Video – An internet sensation. Jill and Kevin Heinz threw away the traditional Wedding March by dancing up the aisle to Chris Brown’s Pop hit, “Forever.” This phenomenon has produced more than 33 million hits in its first six months on YouTube. Jill and Kevin are using the fame of the video to garner donations to help stop domestic violence (I wonder if it’s any coincidence that all of this occurred about the same time that Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend, Rihanna.)  On NBC’s sitcom, The Office, homage was paid to this video for Jim and Pam’s wedding. Although the stunt on The Office was great for “must see TV,” it pales in comparison to emotional and sensational charm of the original. I guess that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
  2. Chocolate Rain – Tay Zonday’s Internet music video, “Chocolate Rain,” is another YouTube sensation. Although it did not reach the level of fame as Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Dance Video, it still boasts more than 45 million hits during the past two years. It also spawned copy-cat videos, like Chad Vader.
  3. Baby Cory dancing to Beyonce – Everyone loves babies! Perhaps we’ll see him on “So You Think You Can Dance” in about a dozen years or so.
  4. The “Wassup” Bud Light guys – Marketing Genius! This cult advertising hit of 1999 drew millions of football loving beer drinkers to say “Wassup….” While sticking out their toungues. It definitely broke through the clutter.
  5. “Where’s the beef?” – The sweet, but ornery, Clara Peller became an accidental star in 1984 with the mega-hot TV commercial for Wendy’s. Today, the phrase can be used to question the validity of questionable ideas.
  6. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” – This low budget advertising surely got its bang for the buck in 1989. Although the hokey acting delivered this darling catch-phrase to the late night comedians and younger Americans, not many seniors actually bought the LifeCall product resulting in the company’s demise in 1990.
  7. “The Macarena” – Crowned as VH1’s Greatest One Hit Wonder of All Time. Infectious, to say the least.
  8. “Who Let the Dogs Out?”– This song actually annoyed me for a couple of years. I guess when the song appeared on “Men In Black II” did I sway to accept this song as a Brainworm™.
  9. “Wardrobe Malfunction” the new vernacular born from that infamous Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Super Bowl Halftime Show that resulted in not only a wardrobe malfunction, it was the most rewound/replayed TiVo segment up to that point in history.
  10. “She Bangs” as interpreted by William Hung. Thanks American Idol for this train wreck. We just can’t help to watch. Of course, we’re tired of it now. I wonder what sensations we’ll see this next January. With Paula Abdul leaving the show, we’ll certainly need some entertainment.
  11. “That’s what she said” from “The Office” probably won’t stand the test of time, but has permeated into everyday conversation in 2009.
  12. That trampoline music video by OK Go! singing “Here It Goes Again.” – I just love a good idea. This splendid music video is a breath of fresh air in a decade of boring videos. Young musicians, promoting exercise and fitness; it’s a Big Brainworm™!

So, that’s it for today’s installment of “The 12 Days of Brainworms™.” The next blog I’m developing is the 12 Days of the Best Christmas movies. Tweet me with the name of your favorite Christmas movie at Chances are pretty good that I’ll use your suggestion!

Thinking of You!

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What is a Brainworm™?

Hi everyone and welcome to the first installment of Brainworms and The Buzz. My name is John Weeden, a marketing communications professional in beautiful Orlando, Florida. I love TV, movies, music, advertising and social media with a penchant for all things “Brainworm™.”

So what is a Brainworm™? Funny you should ask.

First, I’ll begin by telling you what it is not. It’s not blatant like a gory horror flick. It’s not a tacky used car lot commercial with some guy—probably the car lot owner himself—yelling at you. (On a side note, why do they buy into the notion of “no yell, no sell” anyways? It’s annoying, but sometimes it works; but I’ll save that topic for another day.) A Brainworm™ is not Ashton Kutcher leading a pack of lemmings in the quest to garner the most Twitter followers.

A Brainworm™

A Brainworm™ is a viral parasite that’s virtual in nature. It begins in a miniscule form and looks for brains to feed upon. In a subtle, quintessential “Brainworm™” manner, it begins to grow. It feeds on its host with the purpose of propagating. A mild Brainworm™ will spread to a few hundred people. A good Brainworm™ will spread to thousands. A great Brainworm™ of epidemic proportions will spread to millions and be all of the rage.

Have you ever heard a tune and could never get it out of your head? Some bonehead in your office whistles the theme to “The Flintstones” and you’re stuck in a feedback loop for hours. That’s a Brainworm™.

This blog, titled Brainworms and The Buzz™, will be the rants and raves of all that I find memorable. At a minimum, it will be like “the good, the bad and the totally-get-out-of-my-face ugly.” Sometimes the blog will have a direct purpose. Other times it will be just me, furiously typing away on meaningless trivia. My hope is that you find this blog to be entertaining, inspiring, and most of all memorable. I would welcome the thought of getting to know each of you, in person, or over the ever-expanding social media universe.

Thinking of you.



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