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Krystal Restaurants takes a Page from Weird Al Yankovich

It’s not often that a TV commercial is compelling enough to make me stop the DVR, back it up and watch it over again. It has to be funny, memorable, shocking or just plain ingenious. Today after watching a new ad by Krystal Restaurants, I think that I will add “Really?” to the list.

“Really?” as in “oh, no you didn’t,” or “what’s up with that?” One could insert “WTF,” but I typically try to avoid hints of vulgarity. After all, there are plenty of clever adjectives that deserve their place in the sun, if implemented properly.

So what was the offending ad? (Not that I was actually offended.)

The Krystal Burger

The ad begins with two men eating Krystal Burgers—you know those small square burgers with a beef patty as thin as a nickel. They appear to be eating while outdoors, looking a little sweaty, a little shiny. They also appear to be wearing shirts that resemble a Holstein print. The one man says to the other man, “Do you feel guilty?” The second man answers in the negative. Then they stand up and say, “Let’s go back to work.”

And then the punch line is delivered in its visual satire.

Here is the recent Krystal television commercial:

As you can see in the video, they are wearing Holstein cow costumes, spoofing the famously successful Chick-fil-A cow billboards. Here’s a photo of the decade-old Chick-fil-A billboard:

The Original Chick-fil-A Billboard

With no disrespect to Weird Al Yankovich, it’s a spoof about food. But is it a Brainworm?™ No, I don’t think so.

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