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Chili’s Puts ‘Fun’ in Fundraising and Awareness for Childhood Cancer

Create a Pepper and Help Kids with Cancer

Here’s a new approach to Social Media, merged with creating a buzz for charity fundraising and awareness. Chili’s is encouraging people to draw a chili pepper, colorize it with unique shapes, styles, designs, clip art and colors, and after posting, share the pepper with all of their Facebook friends. The end result is awareness for children’s cancer research in a fun and memorable way.

How did I hear about it? I saw a post from a friend on Facebook who had just posted her own freshly drawn chili pepper. Once clicking on, I was hooked like fish… filleted, fried and stuffed in fajita.

After playing with the cute flash-based online tools, I designed my own chili pepper as shown below. I call him “Larry the Licker” because he loves cupcakes. (My wife Janelle makes the best cupcakes and cakes, so this is the motivation to my artwork!)

Join Chili’s in the fight against childhood cancer.

A Chili Pepper Brainworm™

This is a Brainworm™, because it’s cute; it’s fun and memorable. I applaud Chili’s for this truly creative method of raising funds and creating awareness through Social Media and interactivity.

Make one yourself. Go to It’s for a good cause.


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