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It’s 2010. Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

Yes, I am a product of the 80’s.

I was (and remain so today) a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner and Back To The Future. Today, I have added Science Fiction cult shows Firefly and Battlestar Galactica to my entertainment fold.

Back to the FutureThe future. That’s what it was about. Like many of my fellow Generation X-ers , “two thousand, zero, zero party over with, out of time” was going to have you and me partying “like it’s 1999*.”

Y2K came and went ten years ago with barely a hiccup. Now it’s 2010! My question to you is this:

“Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?”

There’s a perfectly logical reason for my asking of this. You may remember it—Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future II. Set in the year 2015, everyone had a flying car. That’s only five years from now. Albeit a fictional story, but what in the world happened?

Did we lose our creativity? Did we lose our nerve? Did we lose the flow of venture capital with the banking collapse of 2006 that is still ripples today? With GM and Chrysler relegated to a mere shadow of their greatness from just a generation ago, no one is reinventing the car industry. No, hybrids are not a new technology; the Prius has been on the market for more than ten years. Other than creating fancy ways to build a cup holder in your minivan, there was been no innovation. No inspiration. No perspiration.

I could only wonder where we went wrong. This is the future, isn’t it? Why don’t we have more people like Moller inventing the flying car? We need more people like Richard Branson, who is building a commercial spacecraft to take tourists to space.

These are the stories that need to be heralded. These are the stories that need to inspire.

Perhaps I can get a flying backpack like Tom Cruse in Minority Report or Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer.

Whatever you call this New Year—twenty-ten, two thousand ten, Y210—we are still driving terrestrial vehicles. But I still ask the question:

It’s 2010… Dude, where’s my flying car?

Happy New Year.

*© Prince

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